Friday, January 8, 2016

Build and Release Management Tasks for Visual Studio Online

I’ve just published the first iteration of a new Visual Studio Online (VSO) / Visual Studio Team Services set of build tasks. 
There are 3 tasks at the moment. 
  • Swap Azure Deployment Task – For cloud services, swaps the production and staging slots with two options.  The first option is to include the configuration data for each slot (the configuration data from staging goes to production and vice versa).  I’ve run across a few situations where this has been necessary.  The second option is to delete the staging slot when complete.  In this scenario, when we make the swap, we assume we no longer need the old production.  The reason for implementing was to save costs in Azure deployments, especially in lower environments.   
  • Remove Azure Deployment Slot Task – Also targeted at cloud services, given the cloud service and slot name will remove any deployment and optionally the associated VHD. 
  • Update Azure Configuration Setting – Targeted at cloud services, will update the value of a configuration setting (.cscfg) in an already existing deployment.   No need to redeploy the entire package through the Azure deployment pipeline. 
You can install the extension to your own VSO instance here.  Please feel free to give any feedback!  []