Wednesday, September 26, 2012

HP ALM Synchronizer and TFS Issue not finding adapter

I've been working on connecting HP's ALM Synchronizer with Team Foundation Server at work (we still are on 2008 but moving to 2012 one of these days).  I kept getting an issue saying it couldn't find the TFS Adapter even after I had done the following

Installed HP ALM Sync Server/Client
Team Explorer 2008 and 2010
Ran the Install TFS Adapter executable.

And still kept getting the failure. 

TFS. Error: com.hp.qc.synchronizer.adapters.exceptions.Adapter​ConnectionException: Failed to connect. Reason: Unhandled exception in Connect method during creation TfsConnection object. It is possible that the TFS-Adapter.dll is not registered on the Synchronizer server machine. Error message: AutomationException: Class not registered..     After some searching I found the following article that shows that when running in x64 version of windows, you have to run a second command to register the DLL properly in the registry. 

This article lays it out, but here is the command.

%WinDir%\SysWoW64\reg.exe import TFS-Adapter.reg