Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's been awhile!

Yes... I know, I haven't blogged to my loyal following of 2 readers but times have been busy.

Busy doing what? Well, on December 5, 2008 my wife and I welcomed our two sons into the world at 12:01, and 12:02pm. Evan Christopher Taylor and Ethan Bradley Taylor, and yes, they are identical.

To anyone that has had twins, or any kind of multiples for that matter, you know that first few months there isn't time for anything, much less blogging. As part of having twins and the new found responsibilities of parenting, I've been retraining myself in the way I work?

Why would you do that?

Well, back in the day I used to be able to have 3-4 hours of non-stop quiet to complete my coding tasks. Now, that time is shorted to anywhere from 15-45 minutes without distraction, so my ability to stare at code and trace deeply into a process is much more difficult.

As a result I've learned to think about code constantly. Of course, I do that anyways, but instead of daydreaming of perfect transcendent systems with 4GLs, I think about the method I need to write for a problem. Taking things at a very granular level, and planning it all in my head before I ever execute.

I'm sure this is the way we are "supposed" to do software development, but thats not nearly as fun as attaching a debugger, clicking something and following it down the path of where it goes. Alas no more.

Now that the boys are 4 months, I seem to have more time on my hands to actually write, perhaps I'll actually get to do it now!

Based on some new happenings at work, I'll be shifting my focus to ASP.NET MVC + Team Foundation Server (and a little bit of workflow, but not as much, at least not until .NET4).