Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let me reintroduce myself

Before we start... 

After 5+ years, I've left JPMorgan Chase & Co. and taken a position at Polaris Solutions as a Senior Consultant for ALM using Microsoft Team Foundation Server. 

It's my dream job.  Seriously.

I get to work with some really cool characters like Angela Dugan and Chris Kadel and do some amazing things going forward with Microsoft's ever expanding ALM platform

I enjoyed my years at Chase, I had an amazing team to work with.  Being an integral part of that team was critical as we transformed from a very traditional waterfall methodology to a mash-up of waterfall and agile processes all using TFS 2008.  That experience allowed me the opportunity to be recognized by the folks at Polaris who are giving me the resources to expand and share my knowledge at a significantly faster rate than I would in a company of 250,000 people; 37,000+ of those being developers.  Yeah, banks write a lot of software.    

Surprisingly, part of that job involves writing about TFS and how it influences and adapts to each organizations unique ALM process.  The choice of topics is up to me with the restriction to be on ALM and not overdone.  Check.   

Over the next few weeks I'll be focusing on several topics, but the two that will be most notable will be the value within various reports and my personal favorite; implementing Team Foundation Server Lab Management for a second time. 

As a preview to the second. 

Well, I took it out.  According to the ranger guide I may have misspoken from the original content... but I could swear I didn't...